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What is PaidVerts?

PaidVerts is an advertising platform that pays you to interact with advertisers.

Advertisers purchase ads in our system. We then deliver those ads to proven valuable users, and provide those users with instant cash incentives to interact with the advertiser. Advertisers thereby pay for guaranteed communication of their products to proven valuable users.

Our method of communication is both direct and powerful! That, combined with our value targeting systems, help advertisers stop wasting their money on junk traffic. To instead target individuals proven capable of affording what they have to offer. And in turn enabling us to provide those users with worthwhile rewards for their time and attention.

We're the Paid To Click that pays dollars!


Can I earn real money and cashout from free?

Yes you can! No deposit is required to earn money with PaidVerts. Just signup a free account, click on one or more "BAP ads" found at the bottom of your Paid Ads member page. These ads don't pay you cash, but they give you "Bonus Ad Points". That are required to receive Paid Ads.

Every 100 BAP will deliver $0.05 worth of paid ads to your account ASAP. And with each paid cash ad you receive, the corresponding amount of BAP will be reduced. You'll keep receiving paid ads until all your BAP is consumed. Top it up to earn more! The more BAP you accumulate in one go, the higher value ads your account will begin to receive. If you want to block out low value ads from needlessly consuming your BAP, you can buy the ad filter from your My Account page.

Click on the paid ads issued to you, and the cash value will be added to your account balance. That you can then cashout as soon as you meet the minimum required, for your payment method of choice. $1 is the minimum cahsout for Perfect Money. Or $2 is the minimum cashout amount for PayPal/Payza. View all deposit method fees, minimums and maximums here.

In addition to the above, you can optionally refer friends / advertisers! And you will earn cash commissions every time they purchase advertising (10% of each Bulk Ad Purchase), or interact with paid ads (5% of the click value). View our referral plan here.

Use our BAP Games to get started. View your BAP ads to receive up to 400 free BAP per day. And then use that BAP to play our games. With the aim of turning that small amount of BAP into a jackpot value! And once you've turned your 'free BAP' into 25k-25million. You'll then receive incredibly high value paid cash ads each day; making your freebie gameplay pay off big time!

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Welcome to Simple Jobs for Great Income!


Earn online from free offers!

Sincere efforts and regular work are the traits needed to be a successful online worker. 

The intention of this website is to give genuine information about online jobs which do not cost anything to earn online. There are so many online offers being updated frequently to suit the needs of the job seekers.

There are opportunities to suit the beginners as well as experts. Simple paid to click jobs can be quite interesting for the beginners to learn something online. We can see opportunities for web designers, accountants, virtual assistants. The articles in the blog can help the visitors understand more about online offers and how to make a potential income online without investment.

It is advisable to make a thorough research before deciding on an offer. A patient browsing will make us understand more about online jobs. The experiences of the experts online will help us in our decision. However, it is advisable to go for jobs that do not charge us to make a start. Gradually, we will understand what is what regarding online jobs.

Here is one such online offer that can give the regular and patient workers a great income.


Good luck! 

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Basic truth about online career!

 In our online journey, we come across sites that truly give genuine jobs and prompt income; we also happen to work with the sites that are just scam to discourage us. 

There is only one basic thing that we all should understand about online jobs. We just cannot get  rich overnight from any online work. So never believe if you come across such claims. Extreme wealth or overnight riches is not possible in any field. The output depends on the input. If we get hold of the genuine opportunities and make use of the good offers to the best of our ability, we can start minting money gradually.This is possible!

Here again we cannot take things for granted. Making money online is very easy if your efforts are properly channelized.

We cannot expect great returns when our efforts are not proportionate. We need to spend more time and efforts to remain a successful online worker.

A sure way to success!

 If getting rich online is so easy, why is that all do not opt for it? Many online workers decide to quit their online ventures as they do understand the amount of efforts one needs to put in to earn a great income. Most of the online workers withdraw at the initial level itself as they find that the jobs online do not give them the income needed for their living. Of course, we cannot expect to get the needed income as soon as we start working online. It is a process and if our efforts are channelized in order, there is no doubt that we can make as much as we need.

If your target is to get rich by working from the comfort of home, the best way is to start your website. It may be a year or more for you to start getting your first income. So initially, it is not advisable to quit the jobs that are giving you regular income. Better take it part time and when the stage reaches where you start to get more than you expected you can make it full time. In the mean time, the time spent should be quality oriented. We should never think of giving up if we are interested in making a potential income online. Continuous efforts give us leads that make us wiser, smarter and richer.

If your intention is to start getting some income from the beginning, there are offers that fulfill your needs. There are affiliate programs and by getting enrolled in any or some of them, we can get the commissions offered when the products are sold or when we get referrals for the program. Promoting the affiliate programs gives us some income from the start.

Taking surveys is another online source that gives us instant income. By getting registered with genuine survey sites, we can make some good income as and when we finish the surveys that we get to our mail box. Global Test Market is one of the survey sites offering surveys regularly and the payment is extremely prompt.

We may consider any online job that suits us, but we should never be tempted to get in to the trap of scam sites which make false claims to make us rich overnight. We have to undertake the genuine work and be committed to that to develop. We should be specific about our progress every day. Success is assured for good workers.

Welcome to earn online without investment!

Earning Online without Investment!

The term itself is so attractive and think of the excitement one is to get if it happens!

It is possible to make great income from home without investment if our efforts are channelized properly.

Have the determination to make money online! Search for the opportunities which are going to take you to the target! Make use of the genuine ones and put in your sincere efforts! The result could be nothing than SUCCESS!

Do not doubt the possibility of success! I am a housewife and I am able to achieve this! Surely it is going to be possible for a determined and hardworking person!

Though it is not easy to come across genuine offers, the possibility of stumbling upon the good ones cannot be ruled out. I would like to share with the visitors the online sources that are sure to give great income if the efforts are sincere. I am not for spending to work online nor do I suggest you to do so. I am sharing with you only the opportunities that do not cost a single penny to earn online. When we are going to put in our hard work, where is the need to invest money if the job is a genuine one? 

 There are only three factors that are needed to be a successful online worker:

  Desire to earn online 

  Determination to earn online 

  Sincere efforts to earn online 

 By following these three basic rules, anyone can be successful online worker.  

How to be a successful blogger?

The most impressive and promising source of online income is blogging. There are bloggers who have been making a great income, but we should understand the efforts involved. The source is promising, but it needs sincere and constant input. Once we undertake to blogging, there is no stopping or resting if we have to sustain the success. However, if we are passionate, there is no need to stress on the efforts needed, as we would only love to be active throughout. 

Income from blogs

Blogs are one of the best online resources which makes a good worker rich. If we have the passion to write and if we have some knowledge in any field, blogging is a good way to earn online. 

The three basic steps involved in blogging:

  Selection of the topic for our blogs 

  Making a good analysis about the subject 

  Presenting great articles with proper keywords  

 Select the subject of interest and analyse your knowledge in that. If you feel you can write a lot about that particular subject, then you are eligible for blogging to make money. Blogging and monetizing the blogs are jobs which need your sincere efforts and if you have the efficiency and dedication, it is possible to mint a great income online from this offer. 

Online survey jobs

If you are interested in taking online surveys, there are so many survey sites which offer good tasks almost two or three times a week. 

Many survey sites pay us good revenue to undertake the surveys offered by them. Though there is no demand as to take the surveys as soon as we get them, it is always advisable to undertake them at the earliest, because, the surveys get closed if the company reaches the desired target for a particular survey.

The payment is very prompt and surveys online are ideal part time jobs which are simple and of desired length.

Work from home with simple jobs in your spare time and look forward to make a potential income online! 

For our success! 

 Make use of the free offers online to earn in your leisure!